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Ruby’s Story

April 2013 at age 64 Ruby A. Dotson aka “Aunt Ruby” received an initial diagnoses of “Stomach Cancer”. She had surgery June 16th, 2013 where doctors removed 3/4 of her stomach which was the Cancerous Mass and a short time thereafter she went into remission. It wasn’t long after that Cancer decided to rear its ugly head again early (August 2013). This time metastasizing to her stomach lining and pancreas. Unfortunately doctors had exhausted all efforts they could do and Ruby was sent home with family for hospice care August 25, 2013.
Ruby passed Sept. 05, 2013 at 8:35am with her son by her side…

JUNE 29th, 1946 – SEPTEMBER 5TH, 2013

About Us

Ruby A. Dotson aka “Aunt Ruby” was well known nationwide for helping anyone and everyone any way she could. In her honor and to continue her legacy of helping others, her son “Todd L. Dotson and his wife, Renata Dotson” started this foundation to continue as his mother would have to inform others of Cancer.
It is their hope to have this cause become the “Mecca of Cancer Awareness”.

our mission

In honor of the late “Ruby A. Dotson” this foundation will be the
“Mecca of Cancer Awareness”
locations to teach, inform, advice and help others in search of knowledge so they can help themselves and their loved ones get the info they need to better themselves in their battle with cancer. Our job starts with you: understanding what you need, so we can offer you options that make sense. That’s the “Key”, to make things make sense. Otherwise what is the purpose???

What We Do

We scour for any and all locations for information: be it the web, government sites, social media, personal blogs, individual information, individual experiences, family/loved ones experiences and a host of other places to bring together (1) location that we hope can help all in battling this horrible disease!!!

Our board members

Soon to be released.


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